the end of epiphany is transformation

The end of epiphany is transformation.
That’s the affirmation of the schedule of the church year.
We start with Epiphany (January 6),
and go through Transfiguration Sunday
before starting Lent.
Thus, the end of epiphany is transformation,
and Jesus is revealed as God
at birth, in the light of the star,
and on the Mount of Transfiguration,
shining himself like the sun.

But the affirmation of Jesus
in and through the schedule of the church year
is also, we believe, the truth of experience.

The revelation of God,
personally experienced,
named and celebrated,
leads to our own ongoing transformation.

How could anyone experience
the living God
and remain the same?

And yet,
the ways of the world,
and our ways as those in and of the world,
exert powerful pressure
and generate incentives both blatant and subtle
not to be changed … not to be transformed.

So we note that the revelation of God,
personally experienced,
regularly or in one life-transforming moment,
leads to one of our basic faith affirmations,
made flesh in Jesus, Immanuel—

Consider, therefore, the need for discipline and accountability
in cultivating a daily awareness of God’s presence.
Because it won’t just happen.

When every day brings its own schedule, its own to do list
its own concerns and needs and hopes and fears ….
How, within those pressing realities,
do we more intentionally notice God—
always prerequisite to including and prioritizing God?

It takes personal commitment—
to consistently look for God;
it also takes community dedicated together
to the discipline of regularly naming God—
naming God God-with-us
in the very specifics of our living.

Not just to celebrate God (though that)
and certainly not to celebrate our powers of observation
(though to take joy in them),
but to facilitate the ongoing transformation
of self the presence of God enables.


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