many pray-ers, one prayer

Our God,

For just as our prayer is one and yet has many expressions,
and all our individual expressions of prayer,
though many, are one,
so it is that we have been baptized
into one great prayer,
thy will be done.

Indeed, our prayer is varied
and consists of many different concerns and celebrations,
but because one thinks of this concern
and another of that celebration,
neither concern or celebration is the less for it,
and our prayer is no different.
And if this person prays for that person
and that person for yet another,
we have included more and our prayer is yet one.

If someone should wonder because they pray for this
while someone else prays for that
if they are a part of our praying,
that doesn’t mean they aren’t.
For as different as our prayers are,
they are all,
thy will be done.

If we all said the same thing,
where would the richness and wonder of our community be?
But that same richness and wonder of diversity and difference
is reflected in the shared meaning of all our praying,
thy will be done.

And so, our praying,
focused in so many ways,
expressed in so many ways,
is one—
as is our trust,
that in the experience of community
and within the fullness of time,
your will is being worked out.
Our prayer is being answered—
all of them—
the only one—
thy will being done
as we pray in the name of Jesus,
Your will, once and still, being lived,


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