when will come the end of the world as we know it?

The world didn’t end last month like the Mayans thought it would.

What if it had?
What if some remnant of the present us were now
making our way in and through
some harsh post-apocalyptic reality?
Popular movie theme—fantasy, science-fiction.

Here’s the question I’m living with:
would we want to recreate what was?
Or would we choose other priorities,
another way of being?
Would our hopes be based on what we had known
(ie/ what we know now),
or on an alternate vision of life together?

And if, were we, by necessity,
restructuring society,
and if we would then choose things to be
other than as they are,
then, maybe, though the world didn’t end,
we should consider starting over
in the midst of it all.


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