an intercessory acrostic

Always God
calling upon Your name,
Divine Love,
expectantly, we pray.

Focused on the concerns and celebrations of others,
grant that we would know You
hear all our prayers
in absolute love
joined with, never separated from, the stark reality of circumstance.

Keep us
looking and
marveling at Your
name, Divine Love, made flesh—made incarnate and
observed in our living in Your
presence with us—ever with us—and yet also ever with all others,
quite transformative,
today—eternally embracing right now—with the
expression of
zeal for redeeming—and Your
yen for
experience that
validate—that will
utterly validate our
trust and our
sense of deep
respect for the
quintessential power of Your
noted in reflection of
moments past.

Less a matter of circumstances changed as transformed in
kinship with You and Yours at the
junction of what is encountered individually but experienced
in relationship and community.

Hiding, we have come to know, hiding ourselves from You,
God, and others, is
falling—falling away from Your
essential reality
discovered only in
community with our
brothers and sisters—Your family—ours,


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