so can you guess what we watched tonight?

Our God,

There’s much that’s abominable in our world.
This we know—
much that’s scary—
that’s threatening—
that’s violent.

Also much, though,
that’s the abomination
of being excluded—
of being laughed at and called names—
of not being allowed to join in the games of others.

Now how much of what’s abominable
goes back to someone in pain?
Not everything, maybe,
but more than we might suspect,
I expect.

So may we go from celebrations
of Your story folded into ours—
go from Your initiative of grace,
to always consider,
when confronting what’s abominable in our world,
what pain there might be
embedded in the larger story,
and to consider, as well,
what initiatives of grace we might take
to address that pain.

This we pray
in imitatio Dei,



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