where did that come from?

Our God,

I was preoccupied the other day,
having noticed
that if I hum the tune to the hymn
“The Old Rugged Cross,”
after the chorus,
I transition, smoothly and naturally,
into the chorus
of “Home, Home on the Range.”

Somewhat bemused,
I then began thinking about
the old rugged range of the wild west
(one of the definitive myths of our culture)
that stands in such contrast
to home, home on the cross,

and determined my subconscious
(or Your spirit)
deemed consideration of such
absolute and stark juxtaposition of priorities
worth contemplation
as spiritual discipline.

So I gratefully take the opportunity
to prayerfully consider others in intercessory prayer
as deliberate steps in seeking to escape
the dominant hyper-individualism of our society—
as part of my rejection
of one fundamental myth
in celebration of another.



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