Just home from a playdate,
the two girls asked if they could go play
with some neighborhood friends.
I said, “No. Your mother
is coming in from work for just a little while
before having to leave again for another work function.”

Well the younger child was upset.
She so wanted to go from one playdate to another.

Then, in the midst of fussing about that,
she started in on how unfair it was
that Mom wasn’t going to be home that night—
that she had to go back out.
“I want to see Mommy!”

I looked at her,
and said, “No! You don’t get to do that!
You were just all upset
because you wanted to leave the house
and play with friends.
Now you can’t turn around
and be upset because Mom can’t stay at home.”

She started her fit anew.
I grinned at her
and said, “Now you’re confused, aren’t you?”

She stopped crying,
looked at me sideways,
and said clearly
(without tears—
not a hint of sobs in her voice)
and we laughed.


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