Our God,

We are thank-full—
and not just because there’s a day set aside
on which we’re supposed to be,
but because we find ourselves
full of an initiative toward You
stemming from gratitude—
from our awareness
of the experience of blessing upon blessing.

And we celebrate circumstantial blessing—
manifest in a special meal with all the fixings.
We celebrate relational blessing—
manifest in friends and family—
the loved ones with whom we gather.
And we celebrate spiritual blessing—
manifest in worship and prayer.

Maybe we do wonder a little,
without the circumstantial and relational blessings we enjoy,
would we count our spiritual blessings?

We marvel at those with the insight—
the discipline?—
to know that spiritual blessing
is just as important and as real as food
(those who know something about tasting and knowing God is good)—
those who know that spiritual blessing
is just as warm and fulfilling as the assurance of loved ones.

But we are thank-full this day,
even as we pray that more of us who celebrate
circumstances and relationships might know more fully
the richness of the blessing of God’s presence,
and that those whose circumstances and relationships
leave so much to be desired
might sense God’s presence with them
even in the initiatives of those presently in better circumstances.

May naming our blessings
(circumstantial, relational, or spiritual)
make us always more intentional
about sharing our blessings

in Jesus’ name



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