in all we do together

The meter is which works with WEBB,
the tune to which the hymn “Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus” is sung.

In all we do together
we strive to do our best,
in faith, in speech, in knowledge
with utmost eagerness.
We still have far to go yet
in generosity—
which tests the depths of our love—
our love to guarantee.

Not in response to pressure,
nor in response to rules,
but thinking of the Savior
who gave so gracefully—
who rich beyond all measure
for our sakes became poor—
his poverty his own gift,
our riches to ensure.

In all we do together
let nothing be by rote.
We act not in obedience—
in gratitude, take note.
In love we choose to follow;
as love we lead our lives.
Our heart’s wish is that Jesus
our lives will overflow.

There needs to be a balance,
that’s eminently fair,
between our own abundance
and those who need our care—
that one day their abundance
might serve to meet our needs—
that all we do together
would be seen as God’s deeds.


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