born as God’s words we are

The meter of these lyrics is which works with ITALIAN HYMN (TRINITY), the tune to which the hymn “Come, Thou Almighty King” is sung.

Born as God’s words we are,
witness to God’s regard.
Love letters to
a world that’s lost its way—
turned light to dark of day.
Hear now what God’s words say,
faithful and true.

Called to be more than heard,
our lives with God conferred.
God’s words made flesh,
incarnate love for all—
in accord with God’s call—
in this world trust install—
our world refresh.

Our hearts overflow in song.
Winter now seems long gone.
Flowers appear.
There’s music in the land;
the time to sing’s at hand;
the harmony is grand.
Listen, you’ll hear.

All good gifts God does give,
that we in joy may live.
Source of all light,
in whom there is no shade—
whose strength will never fade—
God who made all that’s made,
our lives ignite.


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