What are the signs—
the indications, the affirmations—
the non-negotiables
I choose and work to manifest
that identify me
as a child and follower of our God,
and that thus distinguish me
from being just a child of our culture?

It’s not that there’s just one right answer.
Nor that they’re the same for all of us—
those signs, indications, affirmations, and non-negotiables.
Certainly not that we’re to judge each other
on the basis of them.
It is, rather, that we should know
for ourselves.
These are mine.
This is why.

What we don’t know to name
will likely not be named
as part of knowing us.

And I do so want
someone observing my living
to notice and to name
those signs, indications, affirmations,
notice them and name them
as part of knowing me—
and notice and name them
all pointing to God.


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