within our hymns so bold

I am occasionally struck by how much
we claim in the hymns we sing in worship.
The meter to this hymn is (S.M.),
and the lyrics work with DENNIS,
the tune to which the hymn “Blessed Be the Tie” is sung.

Within our hymns so bold,
we raise our standard high—
spend hours in prayer, tithe all our gold—
our sinful selves deny.

The truth revealed is clear:
we sing a faith not ours.
We need a dream we can revere—
a dream beyond our power.

A possibility
that calls us on God’s way—
a vision’s gift of what might be:
the dawn of God’s new day.

In honor of such light,
the widow gave her all.
She models faith and faith’s delight
for those who hear God’s call.

Within the hymns we sing,
the Scripture that we read,
the faith not ours helps ours take wing
in song—in word—in deed.


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