Greg has contributed some beautiful photographs
to an on-line picture album a high school friend set up.
This friend loves the month of October,
and named the album Ahh-ctober.

While I’m guessing many of you, like I,
actually find it hard to believe October is upon us,
I do anticipate more regularly cool weather,
breaking out the sweats and coats,
even getting to the point of expecting
that the cooler step will be from in to out
instead of from out to in.
I anticipate the turning of the leaves,
maybe even the smell of fallen leaves,
the fruit and vegetables of the fall,
going apple picking,
drinking cider,
rotating soups, stews, and chilis back through the weekly menus,
visiting the pumpkin patch (and maybe the corn maze),

And even with all the commercialization I despise,
I anticipate the momentum
of an ever-growing excitement
from Halloween
to Thanksgiving
to Advent (not so commercial!)
to Christmas.

But for right now—
for October,
I’m going to take time to breathe in deeply—

not rushing—
even anticipating.

Good things are coming;
good things are here.


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