act now

We’re looking to buy a digital keyboard,
and my wife found one on line
with the comment that it originally retailed for one amount,
but was available at a significantly lower price.
And I said, “Of course it is.”

Then I thought about that some more.
What if we marketed worship like that?

“This sermon originally retold for 45 minutes,
but today you can have it in 20!”

“But wait, there’s more!
Because if you show initiative now,
you’ll also get an average of three hymns
accompanied either by piano or organ
with enough people singing together that if you don’t like to sing,
you can fake it, and no one will know and you can just listen
to everyone else singing, or, if you like singing, you can really belt it out
and not worry (too much) about how it sounds!

You’ll get multiple prayers.
You’ll get instrumental music, a choral anthem,
maybe something by the band, a moment of silence.
You’ll get a message to young worshipers
and because this is not only a truly intergenerational experience,
but also real community, you might just learn
from someone who thinks differently than you do—
about important things!

But wait, there’s even more!
If you act now,
you’ll also have the opportunity to support
world-changing, life-transforming work
dedicated to the affirmation that reality
can be better than we know it to be.
You’ll receive a vision of a bigger whole
in which the most you know takes its place.
You’ll hear a more wonderful story than any other you know to tell
and be offered a richer perspective
on the interrelated, interdependent whole that is creation.
You’ll have things to consider—on which to reflect—
in days to come.
You might be inspired.
You might find yourself

All this can be yours, if you invest yourself
in a good, healthy faith community near you.

Why wouldn’t you?”


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