yet another week of blessings, Tuesday

Our names for the days of the week,
are taken from the pages of Teutonic mythology—
from the stories of legend and of pagan gods and goddesses.

Today’s name, Tuesday, comes to us
from the Norse God Tyr,
Tiw in one variation—
whose name was derived from the very word “god”
and who is thus thought to have originally been
“father of the gods”
(before the more well-known Odin
assumed leadership of the Pantheon).

As the story is told,
when the gods, with a strong sense of impending doom,
were binding Fenrir, the dire wolf,
son of Loki, father of both Sköll and Hati,
destined to kill Odin himself
on the dread day of Ragnarok,
it was Tyr who lost his hand in the effort
and became known as the one-handed god—
of single combat, victory, justice and heroic glory.

Tiw’s day, today.
So remember, today,
that sacrifice—and sacrifice of the strongest
and the most powerful—
sacrifice of the gods—
is a part of the oldest stories
and constitutes one of the deepest truths.
And so remember the blessing that is the willingness to sacrifice—
not someone else, but of yourself—
even binding the wolf that will kill the god who supplanted you.

Remember, too,
that each week gifts you with the opportunity
to wrest victory, glory, honor—even justice—
in your single combat with the ways of the world.
And do remember that it’s sometimes
precisely what the world considers maimed, disabled, weak—
what the world sacrifices in rejection and dismissal,
that affords us our greatest hope.


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