yet another week of blessings, Sunday

Our names for the days of the week
are taken from the pages of Teutonic mythology—
from the stories of legend and of pagan gods and goddesses.

Today’s name, Sunday, comes to us
from that ancient personification of the sun, Sunna,
also known as Day-Star, Ever-Glow, All-Bright-Seen, Grace-Shine—
often imaged wreathed in wild, flame-like, golden hair,
responsible for the path of the sun in its arc through the skies
drawn behind her chariot,
itself pulled by her two horses (Arvak and Alsvid)—
chased by that great wolf Sköll (Treachery),
destined to catch and devour the sun
on the dread day of Ragnarok.

Sunna’s day, today.
So remember, today,
that each and every week begins
in acknowledgement and celebration of the light,
and on this day, at this week’s beginning,
may grace shine on you in the ever glow
of God’s presence with you,
and may the great source of light and warmth,
the sustainer of life, the revealer of truth,
bless you
as you begin a new week knowing yourself
to be alive as a child of the light—
all bright seen—
ever choosing illumination
over treachery
in the trajectory of light.


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