what we can do

Our God,

Quiet us down, amidst the noise
that we might hear.
Hear You, yes,
but also hear each other—
the quiet truths, so easily missed—
hear the sounds of creation and of life that surround us—
our own heartbeats
beating out that primal rhythm to our living.

Slow us down, within the hectic pace
that we might notice and see.
See You, yes,
but also see each other—
see the beauty and diversity of life—
all the detail visible only from our particular vantage.

Bring to us balance in our being
in the midst of
not only so many competing priorities,
but so many different options
for our time, our skills and our energy—
so many wants and needs,
so many responsibilities—
so many questions, feelings, and doubts—
so many fears
so many hopes and dreams.

And so, our God, we pray again for You to do
what only we can.

May we offer our prayers
not as a rejection of what we can do,
but as a reminder—
or a discovery—
that we, in Your name,
might quiet—
might slow—
might balance ….



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