taste and see that God is good, i. healthy

We have built up a resistance to anti-biotics—
largely due to what’s in and on what we eat,
which is in and on what we eat
largely due to efforts to mass produce
and make someone more money
(sorry, my cynicism/truth sense can’t take
rhetoric about feeding the world seriously
when mass production, over time,
actually incapacitates soil
and hasn’t, by the way, fed the world).

We were talking about all this in worship.
Some marveled at that;
others wondered why.

But a researcher at Johns Hopkins
said to me on his way out, at the door,
“This is what I work on.
We are closer than we know—
than we want to admit—
to reliving the days before penicillin.”

We are building up resistance to anti-biotics …,
but we’re close to reliving the days before penicillin?

So yes, we believe,
worship is the holistic expression
of our living
turned to God.
We therefore take seriously
our physical being as a temple of God’s,
and the stewardship and the redeeming of creation
are thus important to us.

But our culture’s short-term prioritizing of money is killing us.
And we’re, so many, daydreaming of striking it rich
right past all the disturbing evidence
into a mass grave.

So the church must proclaim,
loudly, repeatedly, with all its authority,
in its worship and its teaching and its serving:
“There is no possibility for the abundant life
when the living of the very least of these
is not healthy, sustainable, just and full of joy.”
We delude our souls
if we look at our individual circumstances and think otherwise.


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