tasting goodness

Our God,

We do so want to taste and see that You are good (Psalm 34:8).
We long to taste the health that is Your goodness
and yearn to relish the sufficiency of your grace.
We wish to hunger for manifestations of the steadfastness of your love—
to crave justice and desire righteousness.
We hope to savor the joy of the abundant life.
And we believe that such is Your desire and intent.

We also believe Your taste permeates
our experience in communion—
that so very physical expression of our faith story—
the bread baked and brought to the community,
and prepared and set at the table,
along with the fruit of the vine, for the community,
and broken and poured and shared and received
so individually within community—

the bread ground to a paste between the molars of each mouth—
the grainy substance swallowed,
then the sweet rich flavor of the cup flowing down throats—
all this in remembrance and confession
that Your good gifts to us of Your own Self,
we destroy—
we break.
And yet, even so,
You re-member who You are—always
(You are that You are),
and so You restore to us—always
the joy of Your salvation,
and we taste goodness.

We are grateful.



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