There’s not a room in our house
that’s exactly the way we want it.
Now that’s taking into account:
the actual physical configuration of the room,
the furniture,
the color of the paint on the walls/ceiling,
the condition of the floor,
the wall hangings,
the lighting.
Some rooms are closer than others,
but they’re all in process.

So it occurred to me that our house thus reflects
one particular perspective on creation—
not so much the one on order out of chaos,
but the one on ordering amidst chaos.

And I return to re-perceive
even some of those daily chores:
making beds,
doing laundry,
washing dishes—
as mirroring the will and work of God—
the ever ongoing ordering out of and within chaos—
ever establishing and maintaining home
both amidst what is and out of what is.


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