in between

Our God,

We find ourselves this day
feeling like we are
in an in between kind of place—
in between summer activities,
in between coming and going,
in between today and yesterday
and today and tomorrow,
in between storms and heat,
in between times of weekly worship and sabbath,
in between the latest news releases,
in between acts of violence—and acts of love as well,
in between accusations and blame
and the efforts to justify self in opposition to others,
in between grief at the worst of what’s done
and joy at the best of what is,
in between good times and hard,
in between sickness and health,
in between all we have accomplished
and that for which we hope,
in between what we know and what we wonder.
In between who we’ve been and who we will be,

we are—always,
and You are
with us—always.

There is no time not in between.
And so we pray to You who so intentionally came to us
in between who You are as Holy Wholly Other
and who we are in all our mortality—
to You who comes in contrast to us, but never in opposition—
never to paralyze us in between, but to set us free
into Your joy that is our delight.



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