not caught on film

Noticed before worship:
1/ a woman at children’s camp
proudly watching her child
preparing to participate in a processional,
2/ then so very irritated at her phone
during the actual procession
because it wouldn’t film the process
like she wanted it recorded,
3/ and she missed the experience
of her child processing.

She missed the experience important to her
in her frustration
at not being able to record the experience.

Now I get that.
I wish I didn’t,
but I do.

It’s ironic … and sad.
how often in our efforts to celebrate the importance of experience
we remove ourselves from it.

More times than I care to admit,
initially happy at a child’s happiness,
I have tried to photograph it
and subsequently ended up disappointed—frustrated—angry
at what I did not (could not) “capture.”

God help those with a camera (or an attitude)
more interested in a record of good experience
than the memory of a good experience—
for they risk losing it all.


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