our deepest need

Our praying, God,
is usually driven by our particular circumstance—
typically the fervent wish that it were other than it is.

Our stress and distress in circumstance though,
are often symptomatic of a deeper truth:
a dis-ease in our very being—
a lack of balance in our experience—
a lack of harmony in our relationships—
a lack of peace.

So not to dismiss, in any way, our deep desire
for things to be other than they are,
but we pray, as well, for our deepest need,
living amidst and within our ever-changing circumstance:

we pray for a greater sense of ease amidst all the dis-ease,
a sense of balance in a world and a living so out of balance,
a harmony in the midst of the noise of so many competing priorities—
a peace that, admittedly, passes understanding—
the transformative assurance
that comes from knowing we are in Your presence always.

It’s easier to pray for our situation to be different
than for us to be.
We pray for both.

May it be so.


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