baptist status, iv.

In the last few years, a Southern Baptist study in South Carolina
indicated that only churches that had dropped
the word Baptist from their name were growing.
And Southern Baptists, at the denominational level,
are considering a name change.
And I who have struggled so with keeping the name Baptist—
with claiming what I understand it to mean
rather than fearing what I think they understand it to mean,
I have to think the fact
that those who created the popular perceptions in our world
of what Baptist means
by how they chose to make themselves known in the world—
that they now consider rejecting the name
associated with their own way of being
says a lot—more than I would think they would want to say.

It’s the petty part of me, yes.

Doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

Would it not be good
to live in such a way
that in five, ten, twenty years
we would not feel the need to apologize?
Don’t we want to live in such a way now,
of which we can be proud later?


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