Memorial Day

This day, our God, we remember—
remember those who have sacrificed so much for us—
those who have served and those who do—
remember with gratitude and with awe.

And we pray,
as we must do in our gratitude
(for it is too easy to simply fly a flag,
and, this day, to mouth thankful, respectful rhetoric),
we pray that we would be worthy of those who have sacrificed—
those whose commitment puts them in harm’s way.
We pray that we would be worthy in our own living—
worthy in our priorities and our hopes,
our day-to-day decisions, actions and attitudes.

We remember this day family members,
friends, co-workers, peers.
We remember the oh so many we never knew,
even as we remember, this day,
You and the extent to which You love us.

And we pray that those willing to sacrifice on behalf of others
would serve, always, as model for the rest of us—
that on this day of all days, and on all days as this day,
we would not just look back, with gratitude
for what others have done,
but also look ahead, with commitment
to what we will do
to make of our world
a better, safer, kinder, more just place.


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