another week of blessing, Tuesday

Who you are
extends out so far beyond you—
in those who know you and those who notice you.
Now that can be a disconcerting thought
(more than we want to claim or acknowledge),
but who and how we are (in the most mundane of circumstance)
is always witness to … something.

We see it in our going to and fro on the earth
and our walking up and down on it.
We see witnesses to rage,
witnesses to fear,
witnesses to a desperate emptiness
and a fierce graspingness,
witnesses to all forms of indulgence.
We see witnesses to apathy
and selfishness, and did I mention fear?

What about witnesses to joy,
witnesses to hope and to grace,
witnesses to compassion,
witnesses to God?

You are so very powerful.
Thank you for the witness you are.


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