the greater truth

Our youngest wants what she wants
when she wants.
She defines fair as everything going her way
regardless of the wants (or needs) of anyone else.
Very unattractive—even if developmentally appropriate.
Sure anticipating her growing out of this.

And yet this is precisely the trait
so carefully cultivated in and by our society.
And as unattractive as it is in a child,
how much uglier in those assumed by their years to be more mature.

Now of course, we all divide life into what we like
and what we don’t … don’t we?
But that does risk making life about—what?
Well, what we like and what we don’t—
so very neatly divided.

And we don’t want to be inconvenienced.
We don’t want to be uncomfortable.
We don’t want to be scared.
Understandably so.

But if I make my life about that—
as my culture encourages
and my inclinations lean,
what happens to my calling to love the enemy …
and to embrace the cross?

There is an element of my faith living
that must remain in tension not just with my culture,
but with my own likes and wants as well,
lest my living proclaim no greater truth than me.


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