so proud

A local college has done a lot of work recently—
a lot of new construction:
a new entrance, new buildings and new facilities—
reflecting the priorities of administration and culture.
We drove by their new baseball field the other day—
smooth raked, sharply defined infield
with the stark white bases standing out against the orangy-brown,
that perfectly cut criss-cross pattern on the green outfield.
It was beautiful,
and I imagined the pride
of the school and the baseball team and the fans
and the glad justification of the expense.
Then my daughter piped up from the back seat,
“Is that where they play kickball?”

And I didn’t answer right away—
so as to more fully enjoy the thought—
(a) of a great kickball game on a beautiful baseball diamond,
and (b) of how all those I had just been thinking
about taking pride in their new baseball field might feel
at a child’s perspective and a child’s priorities.

Probably a good way to consider all in which we take pride:
how would this be important to a child?
That simple reflection might change a lot.


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