a bigger affirmation

God loves you so.
Fundamental truth.
Therefore God expects so much of you.
Corollary to fundamental truth.

When you let God down
(pretty much the inevitable result of God’s expectation),
God forgives you.
Grace, grace, marvelous grace.

But lest we forget (because it’s so easy to forget)
forgiveness is not without disappointment—
yes, not without forward-looking hope,
but also not without backward-looking regret.
Forgiveness is always God’s gift, not always God’s pleasure.

But love is a bigger affirmation than our culture makes—
knows how to make.
Because love is not partisan.
It’s not divisive.
It is not derogatory.
It is not dismissive.
It is not short-sighted—or short-term.
It is not selfish.

So it is that within the greater truth of love
suffering may constitute part of a picture
it nonetheless does not define,
and even betrayal may be acknowledged
within a more significant affirmation.

Thanks be to God.


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