thinking Emmausly

On the road—the way into our future,
we are consistently reminded
to look back
to both the story central to time,
and to the truths of that story
made manifest in our own—
truths revealing ever greater depths
in ever more consideration.

When what we think we know
and how we think we’ve understood
run into God,
we’re reminded of why
humility is what God requires of us.

In the presence of “I am that I am,”
our hearts burn and are not consumed.
We are sent back into our story,
scrambling barefoot with excitement and joy,
to go forth to tell God’s story more fully,
and to live it more completely,
on the way into the fulfillment of God’s promise.


One thought on “thinking Emmausly

  1. These lines got me out of my head for a second. Thank you for reminding me that sometimes the fire that burns but does not consume burns me right out of my thick soles shoes and leaves me standing on holy ground in the most unexpected of places at the most unforeseen times.

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