praying after Easter

Our God,
In the aftermath of Easter,
why would we not pray for miracles?
And so we do. We pray for:
sufficient commitment to relay the sufficient resources
to meet everyone’s basic needs.

And we notice, in our praying, God,
that other than healings,
the miracles for which we ask
are all pretty much in our hands
(and given how toxic we make the earth,
more healing might rest in our hands than not).

So our praying takes a turn:
in the aftermath of Easter, God,
may we focus less on circumstances
and how they do or don’t change,
and more on Your will—
which is always for wholeness and health,
peace, justice, humility and right relationship.

And then we pray as well, for the wisdom,
the strength, and the courage
to implement your will in our living,
rather than to pray for your will
in spite of our living.

This we pray in Jesus’ name,


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