Silent Saturday

He died yesterday.
And there was a very appropriate darkness
in the middle of the afternoon.

We all know that darkness—
that darkness
when the world stops.
When the sense of loss overwhelms the day
and the grief takes over.

But that was yesterday.
And today’s a beautiful spring day.
The sun is shining;
there’s a wonderfully refreshing spring coolness.
Birds are singing.
Someone just cut their grass;
someone else is grilling.
People are in the yards and gardens;
children are playing.

How could so many have not known him?
How can so many be oblivious to their loss?
How can life go on, without him, this very next day?

And even those who knew him best—
who continue to grieve—
for whom the presence of his absence remains so strong—
who hear, more than anything else, his silence on this Saturday—
who wonder how the sun can shine
and life can go on—
who are afraid, yes—
who feel lost, yes—
yet they are, too, alive.

And they breathe in deep and wonder,
what would he do?
What will I do—


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