unexpected nuggets

I love the unexpected nuggets you find in reading.
I have recently discovered Robert Crais
and been enjoying his series of mystery books featuring Elvis Cole,
a private eye in L.A.
In the book Stalking the Angel, Elvis comments at one point:
“Sometimes you can change what’s there,
sometimes what’s there changes you.”


Which leads me to ask how do you know?

Which makes me remember that activity
in which someone stands on a table (usually a youth activity!)
and reaches down to grasp the hand of someone else standing on the floor.
The question then asked and answered (experientially) is:
is it easier for the person on the table to pull the other person up,
or for the one on the floor to pull the one on the table down?
Youth ministers (in particular) then spin that out
into conversations about peer pressure
and the environment you choose to put yourself in.


Yet Jesus, we read, hung out with tax collectors and prostitutes.

It has something to do with God, we might say—
with Jesus being God.
And someone might add, piously,
“And even if you’re not God, if God’s on the table with you,
then the laws of physics aren’t the bottom line!”
Not that that’s not necessarily true, but more immediately,
isn’t it true (even if not pious)
that physics aren’t the laws of relationship to begin with?

And trying to pull anyone from where they are to where they’re not
is never in the best nature of relationship
(never mind some ox in the ditch scenario!)—
or of God.

Maybe what’s there is there,
and there will be change.
People get ready!


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