International Women’s Day (yesterday)

Yesterday was International Women’s Day.
So as a husband and the father of girls,
I took the opportunity to give some thought
to my hopes and a prayer for my girls.

May you always know yourself to be cherished—
valued and appreciated for the immeasurable gift you are.
You will never not be central to my being.
But created in the image of God, may you also
always know yourself to be cherished and appreciated by God,
and called by God into your unique role in the redeeming of all creation.
May such knowledge nurture an abiding, sustaining sense of your own worth
and an ever-unfolding challenge you can embrace throughout your living.

I pray there will always be those to support you
not just in your calling, but also in your sense of self—
to encourage you through the inevitable hard times,
to affirm and celebrate you in the joys of friendship—
to marvel at the wonder of you—
especially since there are those, sadly enough,
who will seek to limit your abilities and potential.

May you gracefully handle the criticism
your strength of being, the integrity of your character,
your commitment to God, self and others will generate.

May you always find yourself surrounded by powerful women
like so many of the ones you know—
who have lived into their callings—
their potential—their strength,
and may you always find yourself surrounded by men
not threatened by that or them—
who take joy in that and in you.

I’m so very proud of you.
I love you.
And oh I anticipate ….


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