more or less

In our praying, we name an alternative reality into being.
More than just our hopes, it represents what we believe should be.
And, as prayer, it is itself shaped, we believe, by who You are—
still creating.

So it is that we pray our selves into more health and less sickness,
more joy and less stress,
more compassion and less anger,
more gratitude and less expectation,
more wonder and less certainty,
more justice and less privilege,
more confession and less arrogance,
more wholeness and less imbalance,
more trust and less pride,
more faith and less apathy,
more hope and less cynicism,
more love and less anything else.

And the more we pray, the more real You are,
the more real our You-shaped sense of reality,
and the more we rest in the affirmation, it is good.

May it in deed be so.


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