the power that once was … and might be again?

So I’ve been thinking about the church
as part of the resistance—
part of the rebellion.
Been thinking about the community of faith
as a profound affirmation
made manifest in a way of living
in opposition to the ways of the world.
Not living against a particular party,
a particular political or economic ideology,
a country, or even a religion,
but against many of the priorities and assumptions of Western Culture …
especially some of the priorities that are themselves assumptions.

I’ve been thinking about the energy
that’s integral to such a profound endeavor—
about the power of the story of a new hope.
I’ve been thinking about the symbols of such a movement.

And I’ve been thinking about Star Wars
(especially the first trilogy)—
because it tapped into so much of that energy and hope.
I thought about what members of the rebellion would say to each other when parting,
in recognition of their shared dream, their common commitment, their faith—
the everyday words that became synonymous with the movement:
“May the Force be with you.”

And I wondered what ours might be?—our phrase—our words—the expression of us.
I thought about “May Jesus be with you,”
but that seemed perhaps too exclusive
for the magnitude rebellion we need.
So then I wondered about, “May God be with you”
… which is, of course, …
the origin of “goodbye.”


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