a week of blessing

Last week in worship, we assigned people the task of seeking to bless themselves and others each day of the upcoming week. We offered to email out blessings to those who wished to receive them. Here’s a week of blessings:

i. Monday
Have you heard that saying,
“God made you and God don’t make no junk”?
Take a moment to consider the wonder that you—
you are created in the very image of God.

I give thanks for the gift you are,
for the specific ways in which the gift that you are
gifts our community of faith.
We are not just a better community,
but a better reflection of God
because you are a part of us.

God blessed you and blesses you and through you.
Thank you.

ii. Tuesday
You are the only incarnation of your particular configuration
of gifts and interests, passions, inclinations, skills.
No one brings to the table quite what you do.

Whether the unique possibility of you
has been appropriately recognized and celebrated in your various contexts,
I remind you this day, no one can be you.
Don’t relinquish any aspect of who you are
without so very carefully assessing the potential gift it bears.
Because no one can offer the world what only you can.

God blessed you and blesses you and through you.
Thank you.

iii. Wednesday
We choose the people we want to be with—
when we’re free to be with whom we want to be.
We choose those with whom we’re vulnerable—
to whom we reveal ourselves.
We choose those most intimate loves.
And at their richest, those loves are characterized
by a self-sacrificial initiative
that values the other as much or even more than the self.
Even when the relationships are family,
we make our choices.

So you do realize, don’t you, that God has chosen to be with you?
God has chosen to be vulnerable with you—
to reveal God’s own self to you?
God has chosen a relationship with you characterized
by that self-sacrificial initiative
in relationship with you.

Take a moment to marvel at this truth.

God blessed you and blesses you and through you.
Thank you.

iv. Thursday
You are the incarnation of God in your various contexts of being.
To the extent that you name the faith you live,
people’s experience of you shapes their perception of God.

“My God!” you say.
“Precisely!” say I.

Not that you’re the fullness of God,
of course!
But created in the image of God,
living and loving in the name of God,
you’re more fullness—
more richness—more deepness
than so many will ever know.

God blessed you and blesses you and through you.
Thank you.

v. Friday
God’s stated purpose is the redeeming of all creation,
and you have a part to play.
There’s an undeniable pressure to this affirmation,
but also a profound significance—a blessing.

You have a part to play
in the biggest story there is.

God blessed you and blesses you and through you.
Thank you.

vi. Saturday
You are a part of the history on which we look back
(longer with some, shorter with others) with gratitude.
You are a part of the present—
that we embrace and celebrate,
and you are a part of the future that we anticipate—
toward which we work.

Then, now and yet to be—
there is both an eternal affirmation of you within our time,
and, right now, the eternal dimension you bring to us.

With you, ours is an abundant living.

God blessed you and blesses you and through you.
Thank you.

vii. Sunday
On this seventh day of blessing,
rest in the assurance of love—
the love that sustains us and inspires us—
the love of this community of faith,
and the love that consciously extends beyond us
ever reaching to include more—
the love of God
hope fully manifest in
the movement of worship
from God to us—
back to God and into the world.

God blessed you and blesses you and through you.
Thank you.


One thought on “a week of blessing

  1. It has been a blessing to receive a week of blessings. Thank you John for this generous gift. Somehow, although I read the sermon more than once, I truly thought I would receive a SEASON of daily blessings in my in-box during all of Lent! Really! So imagine my chagrin, on day 8, eagerly looking for the mid-day blessing and finding…this.

    Unfortunately I had
    already shared this misinformation with one other person….

    However I figured out that Monday’s blessing works on any Monday, and so on, so I have all I need to keep working on this assignment and seeking to bless myself and others every day for, well, however long it takes to make it a habit. Thanks John, for the perfect number of blessings!

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