instruments of joy

Our God,
We believe we were created for joy—
created out of a joy of being
for a joy of being.

We deny none of the brokenness,
none of the pain, the disappointment, the grief—
and certainly, on this day,
none of the implications or consequences of our mortality.

We remember always that we are ashes and dust,
and that to the ashes and dust we will return (Genesis 3:19).
But we also remember that You took of the dust
and created us (Genesis 2:7)!
So within the ever-presence of You-with-us,
even dust is always possibility then, isn’t it?
Potential miracle, wonder and joy.

So may we be instruments in the healing of the broken,
in the enduring of the pain,
the survival of the disappointment,
and the depths of the grief.
May we be Your instruments
in and through all the implications and consequences of being us—
instrumental in the restoration of joy.
This we pray in the name of Jesus
whom we seek to follow,


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