Transfiguration Sunday

This past Sunday, we celebrated Transfiguration Sunday.
We read the gospel story of three disciples
witnessing what is described as
Jesus’ physical transfiguration.
Yet they did not, we understand, understand
the authority vested in Jesus.
They misunderstood … again.

But so much more important than some visual transfiguration
of Jesus’ appearance into one conforming to expectations
of authority and power and glory,
was the transfiguring always going on—
as the disciples, within ongoing relationship,
consistently had to reevaluate Jesus—
reappraise his teachings
reassess his authority—
review his demands and expectations of them,
and then, in light of that, reconsider their own living,
reexamine their own experience.
revise their own thinking and opining.

It wasn’t any particular dim-wittedness on their part.
It is, in fact, the appropriate—the only appropriate
response to the presence of the living God.
The depiction of disciples then … or now …
who understand
would be blasphemous!

I have tended to think that the disciples persistently not “getting it”
made them more like me,
but maybe, it makes them more like I should strive to be!

Go (trans)figure!


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