care enough to hurt

Our God,
We thank you for the rich blessings
of friends and family,
and pray now for those paying the cost of such blessing.

We pray for those whose love brings them grief:
— adults whose parents ail and fail,
— parents whose childrens’ choices and actions bring pain,
— spouses whose stresses and frustrations are shared,
— friends whose circumstances leave so much to be desired.
We pray for all who suffer on behalf of loved ones suffering.

May we, even in pain, remember
(or allow ourselves to be reminded of),
the blessings we have celebrated
that draw from our present the sighs too deep for words.
We hurt only because we love.

May we all care enough to hurt,
and hurting, know it’s because we care.

This our prayer,
in the name of the one who loves us so,
and who thus hurts ….


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