bold prayer

Our God,

We are bold in our praying—
when we ask for the very undoing of what’s been done,
the reversal of things begun,
in truth, a divine cease and desist order
against the very laws of consequence and nature.
That’s bold …
or naive.

If we’re honest though, we often pray for what we do not really expect …
which is to sometimes say, we do not expect that for which we pray …
which is to say we sometimes pray boldly
only because we don’t believe in the possibility of that for which we ask.
And that’s not bold
or naive.
That’s just noise.

Yet we pray,
and we do, sometimes, pray boldly.
Not naively.
Not just as meaningless drivel.

Because we remember, sometimes, what’s most important.
And what’s most important isn’t
always a matter of the laws of consequence and nature.
What’s most important is not always what is,
but what we, as followers in the way of God, feel should be.

And we really don’t know what we unleash in our praying.
Nor do we know what, if anything, would remain leashed if we didn’t.

But we believe—we do—
that no limits can be placed—
no limits—
on the power of transformative love
in which, in the very act of praying,
we participate.

This we pray
in the name of transformative love made flesh
still redeeming all creation.


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