a Christmas prayer

As we approach another Christmas,
a watchful community of faith,
it remains our hope-full, faith-full prayer
that as we continue waiting for things to be
more like we think they should be
(and this based on our most fundamental understanding of God)—
as we continue waiting …,
may we also continue the work
of living into the dream of how we think things should be
(based on our most fundamental understanding of God).

May the stories of God cherished within the community of God’s people
sustain in us the vision, the strength and energy
to commit to the story we affirm—
that we might make room for God to be born
in a world with so little room for God,
that we might sing with the angels,
in a world that does not value singing together,
that we might marvel with Mary and Joseph, the shepherds and magi
in a world starving for wonder,
that we might nurture the God growing in us …
to be born throughout this new coming year
in the waiting and the working,
the dreaming and the cherishing,
the singing and the wondering ….


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