against the shoreline of what is,

the EasterTide comes rolling in—

shifting lands and sifting sands—

reconfiguring reality

currents from unfathomable depth

made manifest in the converging—

where the depths rise to meet the dry land

depositing life—sweeping death away—

washing the coast with power and mystery

in the ebb and flow of God’s consistent inbreaking—

miracles of resurrection making

within the experience of our living:

the power and mystery of miracle—

never as guaranteed,

certainly not as strategy—

surprise, gift and promise of God—

indicative of God’s investment,

God’s involvement,

named out of our commitment

to follow in the Way of God—

even to where the land ends—

our way of living—ends

our ability to live—ends

and to t-r(isk)-u-s-t the waters


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