the dance of light

Here’s a Transfiguration Day hymn. The meter of this lyrics is which works with ST. DENIO, the tune to which the hymn “Immortal, Invisible” is sung.

We waited in worship, we all gathered round.
A wreath lay before us to name hope profound.
In stillness and darkness
the Christ candle shines.
The presence of God here
the good news defines.

The light it keeps growing in faces and lives.
It grows in our greetings and in our goodbyes—
through Christmas and New Years,
Epiphany, too,
our hopes and our dreams
and our lives to renew.

Now Jesus is shining as bright as the sun.
In awe and in wonder, our words come undone.
The light it crescendos,
we want it to last—
to safeguard the present,
sequester the past.

But Jesus moves onward—moves down from on high.
He enters the desert preparing to die.
The light it is fading—
pitch dark it will be,
until Easter morning,
the sunrise we see.


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