riding in the way

I used to ride my bike with some regularity. I hope, one day, to get back to that. In the meantime, here are five poems I found I wrote about riding when still riding regularly.

The rhythm of each road
makes its own unique music—
when I take note.

I’m spinning my wheels,
but purpose is crystal clear:
the road ahead waits.

The earth spins one way.
My wheels spin another.
And for the duration of this ride, the world shifts.

Hours have passed—hours and miles.
My side horizons constrict to a tunnel around me.
In the distance—light … after the burn.

(distance + effort) x (elements endured)

—      (stress + “to do” lists + boredom) x (stale indoorness)

=                                                     accomplishment + exhilaration!

These poems were all written specifically and only about cycling, and yet they do remind me that there’s something about being on the way (whether that’s walking, running, cycling, or driving) that makes it such a rich image for following in the way of God.


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