a most amazing day

I had a most amazing day. Having indicated my intentions on a hand-made birthday card, I pulled a still celebrating child out of school and took her skiing with Daddy. It was to be her first experience on skis, the first year she actually ever expressed any interest. So we got up early and drove to Pennsylvania. She was in ski school for two hours of the morning (so technically, I guess, I didn’t pull her out of school!), and then my plan was to assess her experience—her energy and enthusiasm and together make a decision about the afternoon. Well, she didn’t want to stop for lunch until almost 2:00 p.m., said the rain that drifted in late afternoon wasn’t uncomfortable enough to make us leave, and insisted on taking the last possible chair-lift ride up!

I have skied in twelve states and five countries. I have skied under absolutely blue skies surrounded by rocky, snow-covered, sun-drenched alpine peaks. I have skied fresh, thigh-high champagne powder in the Rockies, mogul fields in hidden valleys of the Sangre De Cristo Mountains. I have skied runs exceeding six miles in length from one mountain village to another. I have skied glades and glaciers, black diamonds, double-black diamonds, the yellow runs of Jackson Hole and unmarked trails in the Alps. I have skied with some of the people I love most in the world. Skiing, for me, is a glorious experience.

I’m pressed to remember ever having had more fun than skiing one short green run over and over and over and over again with my daughter.

Surprise someone you love with the gift of a day together sharing with him or her something you love and have never done together. Now what might that be …?



3 thoughts on “a most amazing day

  1. I’ll write here what I sent you in an e-mail: “You have a lot of nerve calling me from a ski resort!” I echo Russ’ wishes. Since they’re from a minister, let’s call them a blessing.


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