reminders of salt and light

I have had a category for some writings on this blog called “living faith.” It was conceived as a category for observations on faith lived out in everyday life. After I started using it, I noticed that in the phrase “living faith,” “living” can be an adjective modifying faith—as in a living faith—a faith that’s alive, or it can be a verb—as in living faith out—enacting faith in life. Of course, they’re related, and I looked and I thought to myself that was pretty good!

Now, in the aftermath of this past week (the bombscares in Maryland, the shootings in Arizona)—the renewed attention brought not so much (unfortunately … but predictably) to the significance of how we choose to live in the world (what world we choose to live into), but at least to the conversation about the significance of how we choose to live in the world (what world we choose to live into)—in light of our focus in worship at Woodbrook on Matthew’s Sermon on the Mount, in light of the affirmation that God names us transforming, illuminating agents in the world, and in light of the growing sense that we need to be about the business of doing more transforming and more illuminating, I’m designating a new category: “salt and light.”

This category will hope to offer simple, practical, everyday, quite mundane reminders of the importance of our living—of how we live, reminders of who we’re to be because of whose we are. Not because I’m some great authority, but because I do so love the stories that are both invitation into God’s reality and inspiration to make the changes in our own living that work toward that reality being made manifest.

May there be observations and insights, comments and flights of fancy that enhance the flavor of your living and illuminate the grace and wonder inherent to it.



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