Lord, hear our prayer

In the coming year, may we come to know and rely on more fully the sustaining power of worship and fellowship—the sustaining power of the community of faith to help us as some of its members live the story we say we believe. So may we claim, more profoundly, church as a necessary and an energizing part of our schedule.

Lord, hear our prayer.

In and through opportunities afforded us at church (and beyond), may we diligently seek and faithfully find the relevance—the applicability of our Scripture—our faith story—to the specifics of our daily living, and so in the convergence of our stories with Yours, may we participate in some of Your great promised inversions of reality—helping make of someone’s darkness, light—of someone’s hunger, fullness—of our own abundance, more to share.

Lord, hear our prayer.

This new year, while we celebrate more regularly our routines of righteousness, may we also find something to do in the name of Jesus that we have never done before—corporately or individually.

Lord, hear our prayer.

May exuberance and excitement more integrally frame our faith; may we more willingly name God within our experience, and more intentionally claim joy and wonder as our hope.

Lord, hear our prayer.


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