a final Christmas prayer … this year!

It’s that time of year again
for the stories of angels
as unexpected messengers,
personally delivering birth announcements—
those stories of deep and abiding wonder—
that in the midst of our so human stories,
we would turn our next page to find …
Surprise! Fear not! Tidings of great joy!

It’s time again, for those stories
of Bethlehem and no room at the inn,
of a stable and a manger,
and a baby wrapped in swaddling clothes—
stories of the heavenly host lighting up the horizon
singing “Glory to God,” and “Peace to all on earth,”
and shepherds dropping everything
to go see these things that have come to pass—
stories of a star lighting up just enough of the sky
for the magi to see and to follow
with their camels and their gifts and their hopes and their dreams.

For it’s time again, you see,
for those whose lives are so shaped by the darkness
to see a great light,
in and through that child born to us—
wonderful counselor, mighty God,
prince of peace—
light shining in the darkness that darkness cannot comprehend.

And while it’s true, this year, at this time,
we are reminded,
that these are the stories that but begin the story,
that these are the stories that invite us
into how much more there is to say.
Nonetheless, it is now time for those particular stories always a gain,
for we too are overshadowed by the Most High,
pregnant with possibility
for a way of being that continues the stories—
our so very particular stories that unfold … turn the page …
into God!
Surprise! Fear not! Tidings of great joy!

Merry Christmas.


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