yet another Christmas prayer

Amidst the crass commercialism,
the hectic schedules,
the longer than usual to-do lists,
the fuller than usual social calendars,
may the season be real to you….

May you find moments of peace and rest—
moments to celebrate those you love who love you—
to celebrate the God you love who loves you….

May you revel in the treat of giving,
and may the wonder of intentional attempts to tangibly express love
remain with you.
May you always revel in the wonder of the God
who intentionally expressed love so tangibly in giving us Jesus….

May you still claim the anticipation and hope
of wrapped presents after all the presents have been unwrapped
and know that our truest hopes are all wrapped up in God’s presence with us….

May light illuminate your darknesses
long after Christmas lights are disconnected
and may beauty decorate your soul
long after holiday decorations are packed up,
for the light that shines always in the darkness and beauty is but God’s gift of eyes that see….

May you be filled full long after every last crumb of Christmas goodies is gone
and have some sense of the psalmist’s shout, “Taste and see that God is good!”

And so this year we pray, again, may the hope of ancient Israel,
the celebration of the angels,
the awe of the shepherds,
the generosity of the wise—
may the joy of Mary and Joseph,
and the love of God fill our spirits during this season
that we might fill the coming year with the spirit of Christmas.


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